Starting today, Monday April 4, 2020, the Chilean Glaciers Foundation enters into a collaboration agreement with the GAIA Antarctic Research Center (CIGA) of the University of Magallanes (UMAG). The main objective of CIGA is to improve, develop and strengthen Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic knowledge throughout Chile, contributing to the formation of a regional and national Antarctic culture through the dissemination of information on its area of influence, geography, ways of life, flora, fauna and human establishments.

This agreement allows us, as a foundation, to work on the dissemination of material on Antarctic and subantarctic glaciological topics, expanding our informative and educational content outside of what is exclusively the continental territory. Together with CIGA, educational, informative, training, collaborative, expository and promotional experiences will be developed, so we invite you to continue keep getting infomed with us about these and future developments.

We are pleased to make this type of alliances, since it strengthens our dissemination objectives and positions us as an organization of substantial influence, contributing to achieving what is of real importance to us at this time: Protect the glaciers of our country.

Cover photo: Glacier near the González Videla base, Antarctica. By Alfredo Soto.