Our collaborator Marcos Cole is a passionate glaciologist and cyclist. Currently, he is traveling the Carretera Austral for a project called “Glaciares en Bicicleta” (GEB) [Glaciers on Bicycle], which has led him to go across long distances, first in the north, then the central area, and finally the southernmost areas of the country.

The project aims to generate a photographic record, promote the use of bicycles as a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and communicate the importance of the glaciers for the ecosystems in which they are located.

We can follow his journey at a photographic level on his Instagram account @glaciaresenbicicleta, in which you can see he is already in the Puyuhuapi area near the Queulat Hanging Glacier, or through his website
glaciaresenbicicleta.wordpress.com where we tell us how he has been planning his adventure and the routes he has done.

We invite you to learn more about Glaciares en Bicicleta!