“Estado Glaciar” is a documentary lasting about one hour, shared by the channel “Crisis Global” on the YouTube platform, on April 19 of this year. It is the first episode and in it various topics are exposed such as; the need for a glacier protection law, the current conflict in the Putaendo area, the water problems of the Petorca commune and the detailed explanation of glaciology experts on the role of glaciers in the water supply to the basins of the country.

Glaciers. Water. Lack of protection. Differences. Water crisis. Inhabitants who reject the exploitation of large-scale mining in Putaendo, while seeing their dead animals fall due to the lack of water and forage, also scarce, for the human life that clings to the hope of being able to protect glaciers, yes, rock glaciers. Why? Water. Water. Water. Life.
The parallel discussion on the need for a glacier protection law, which protects everyone. Time goes by and time goes by, and neither global warming nor the succeeding governments have managed to settle the matter. Each with their perspective.
The civil community grouped in social organizations, with the burden of undertaking the defense for the protection of glaciers, as well as the protection of life itself, in the absence of projection for years. They have had to learn about glaciers and intervene in the political discussion.“, Part of the review of “Crisis Global” that accompanies the video.

We invite you to see the documentary in the following Link or below. Do not forget to comment, express your opinions and points of view, since this is an issue that affects us all.