The famous Perito Moreno glacier, located in the Santa Cruz province, Argentina, formed again a natural ice dam due to its advance, which blocks the water flow to the Argentinian lake. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 2016, which was even broadcast live to the world through the YouTube platform.

As a result of the conditions and large accumulation of water, experts estimate that it could be the largest rupture in 30 years, as it now registers a water level of 11.4 meters versus 10.46 meters in 2016. This accumulation of water is what is exerting pressure on the ice and will subsequently cause it to collapse.

Although it’s thought to collapse soon due to the amount of water accumulated, there is no certainty when this will occur. All that remains is to be attentive while waiting and hope we can also see it in a live broadcast or wait for news from those who were there.

We leave you the video of the event that occurred in 2016:


Reference: La Nación Ar. [Argentinian digital newspaper]