This month, Netflix brings us several premieres, among which we want to highlight the documentary Before the Flood, released in 2016 by National Geographic. The film is presented by Leonardo DiCaprio, a renowned environmental protection activist named Messenger of Peace by the UN. He focuses on climate change and embarks on a journey through different parts of the world, showing and documenting the devastating effects that are happening as a result of global warming.

The journey shows us how the northern ice masses are melting at accelerated rates, which causes alterations in entire ecosystems due to rising sea levels. This affects numerous cities around the world that are located on the coasts, such as Miami in the United States. The film also shows India, where entire crops have been lost due to increased rainfall: in 5 hours, it rains what usually falls in 6 months. Thus, we can see more cities and ecosystems on the planet affected by the increased temperatures.

Everything that the documentary presents us is a red alert and a warning of what will continue to happen at an accelerated pace if we don’t take charge of the problem. We should pressure the authorities to take a path that respects the environment, in which they promote renewable energies, manage waste, and protect flora and fauna, among other measures. Even if we don’t change our daily habits, we can raise awareness of caring for the natural resources of the planet.

It’s time to take action now, not in a few years when the damage will be irreparable and unstoppable.