The following photo gallery aims to transport the reader to one of the most sublime shows in Patagonia, that moment in which the magical lights and colors of a sunrise which complete a scenery with the different shades of blue of the icebergs or of the seracs of an imposing glacier.

A wonderful sunrise at the Tyndall Glacier, one of the largest within the limits of the Torres del Paine National Park.


That day I poked my face out of the tent and the show of colors was sublime, Lake Geikie is overwhelmingly beautiful.


A spectacular sunrise in the snowy mountains of the Muñoz Gamero Peninsula captured from the coast of the Seno Obstrucción


The first of a sequence of photographs in the Grey Glacier, in this image the recent landslides can be seen.


Grey Glacier & Barros Arana Range at sunrise.


First lights of the day illuminating nameless mountains immersed in the southern Patagonian ice field.


First light of dawn illuminating the enormous hanging glacier of Cerro Paine Grande.


Grey Glacier and its famous hanging walkways contrasting with the first light of dawn.