The 3,100 m height of Hyades Hill and the 2,470 m height of Siniolchu Hill delimit the beginning of the southern tongue of the Leones Glacier. The glacier is born in the Campo de Hielo Patagónico Norte [Northern Patagonian Ice Field], where the gigantic ice mass descends to the turquoise waters of Leones Lake. The scenic spectacle is overwhelming for those who have the opportunity to get to the glacier with one of the two agencies that cross the lake. This photograph was captured from the viewpoint located on the north shore of the lake on a summer afternoon. The glacier is in the Laguna San Rafael National Park, but the difficulties of getting there and the lack of promotion keep it a hidden treasure for most tourists. The potential of the entire area is enormous; its beauty is exceptional and offers countless possibilities for hiking, especially for those who want to enter the Campo de Hielo Norte [North Ice Field].

Author: Jorge León
Date: February 2, 2017
Place: Laguna San Rafael National Park, Aysén region
Camera: Nikon D 610
Location: Latitud Glaciar