To know the problem is the first step to look for a solution.  Under this premise, we seek, through an educational team and a talk program, to bring content about glaciological processes and their associated phenomena, their importance and the ecosystemic role they play in the places where they are, reaching schools, universities and the private or state world of work.


Make visible

We understand that part of the environmental problems remain over time or find no solution because we do not know what is happening around us. Bringing this within easy reach is one of the main activities we do, along with image gathering, where FGC is today the largest repository of public glacier images open to the community. Along with the visual work done and as a pillar of visibility, we have or own site, where for almost 2 years we have published more than 100 articles, showing the enormous variety of routes and destinations to access glaciers, photo galleries, related notes to the backward-movement and news of interest.


In order to face future challenges, it is necessary to have precise data of the state of glaciers, which allows actions and decisions to be taken with real and objective information. For this reason, we are developing initiatives that go with generating research and projections in the relevant basins of the country, in order to establish well-founded criteria and action measures, generating content and gathering critical information about the glaciers of the country.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of glacier and environment care and protection...