Who we are

Fundación Glaciares Chilenos (FGC) is a non-profit organization that works in the preservation and protection of glaciers located in the national territory, through the development of scientific research, visibility of content and creation of educational programs.
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Work Area

FGC works with glaciers throughout the whole country, from Arica y Parinacota Region to the Magallanes Region. Administratively, we are located in Santiago, Providencia commun. 


Educate about the care and protection of glaciers, contributing to informed decision making, through a collaborative and scientific approach


Articulate collaboration with the scientific and university community, civil society and localities that depend on glaciers, either economically or as a vital resource for human development. Create reliable information channels, considering current and future preservation challenges caused by climate change and water scarcity that affects a large part of the country.


Glaciares Chilenos was born in 2017. The initial idea of its founder, Felipe Espinosa, was to have a space where the beauty of Chile’s glaciers could spread. During 2016, he was operating with this objective on Flickr, then on Facebook and Instagram, ideal plaftorms to show the photos of glaciers that followers shared.
Seeing the growing popularity and good reception of people, in addition to the national context against the lack of protection of glaciers, progress is being made towards forming an organization and later making it official as a foundation in 2018.
Now, the foundation is formed by 30 people, from different specialties, places in the country and abroad. Each one collaborates and contributes with their effort and knowledge, which together keeps this organization alive and encourages it to continue growing.
The need to protect the environment is urgent and the challenges are big, but the collective spirit to achieve it is bigger.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of glacier and environment care and protection...